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We help schools, school leaders, charities, museums and governments to be bolder, braver and more authentic. From big picture strategy to fine-tuning effective working relationships. And most things in between. 


1 - I need an experienced coach to help me reach the next level  
We can pair you up with an experienced, thoughtful coach who will help you, or your staff team, pinpoint professional goals, iron out sticking points and unlock wisdom and confidence to move forward. 


2 - We need some really inspirational CPD that will help us out of a rut

Drawing on the greatest thought leadership and diverse references, we can offer a range of twilight, half or full day sessions to help you grow and move in the same direction as an organisation.  

We'll show you practical, empowering and inspirational examples of how you can thrive and not just survive, as you take your school from 'requires improvement' to 'good' or 'good' to 'outstanding'.

We'll share the essential ingredients every school development plan needs to raise standards and build resilience.

We'll show you how to move from a 'tell' to a 'sell' to an 'ask' leadership style to help you move your school through rapid, sustainable improvement.  

3- I need to grow the capacity of my middle leaders 

We will guide your middle leaders through the most effective and appropriate leadership style for them and for the school. We will take them through straightforward analysis, self-reflection and action planning in order to best align their goals, vision and values with the school's. 

We will introduce them to a simple but effective peer-coaching model, that they will be able to use straight away to cut procrastination and increase their personal effectiveness. 

Middle leaders often feel squeezed from either side. We'll show them how to manage upwards and downwards and how to keep going when they've had enough.


4- We need to focus more on staff wellbeing

We have worked with many schools and organisations throughout the UK, and abroad, to get a better work-life balance and to find a stronger perspective on what's important to them. We will share our top tips on building resilience, finding more time in the day and having enough energy for life beyond work. 

5 - We want something creative we'd never have though of ourselves

Whether you are an international government wanting to set up an innovative project for your schools, a charity wanting to engage in a more creative way, or a museum wanting to push the boundaries of what's possible in education and outreach - we've got some really great ideas we'd love to share with you. So give us a call. 

6 - Will you please come and speak at our event?

Amongst other things, we've spoken at the Royal Society of Arts about how to get people loving to come to work, to international schools all over the world about really engaging pupils in their learning and even in Borneo about building a more creative curriculum.

We've spoken to thousands of educators and learners in theatres, conference centres and even the odd marquee or two over the years and we've always got something interesting and thought provoking to say. Ask us.

7 - Our professional relationships are in a bit of a pickle

Bold, brave and authentic professional relationships are at the heart of any successful organisation. We bring a great deal of experience of getting right to those difficult sticking points and mending broken teams. We'll also give you our top tips on communication that really strengthens effective relationships and breaks bad habits.


8 - We want to go beyond student voice to school voice 

 We'll tell you about appreciative enquiry a whole school approach to getting the best from every member of staff. We will help you to understand your pupils better to raise attainment, growth-mindsets and wellbeing. 

We'll help you establish optimal relationships with your governing body and help you get things right with your staff. We'll also help you strengthen your community links and to hear from all voices in your school. 

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